Wednesday, 16 June 2010

VWT2OC: The Host Is Dead! Long Live the Host!

My WebHost4Life Trials are over.  I was finally let in to a secret cabal of WH4L users who know the secret truth behind the ‘migration’ myth….the old control panel still exists!  Yay!  It only took a week of chasing support staff daily. 

So, now I’ve got control of the database, DNS records, etc, etc.  VWT2OC has moved to it’s new home with Arvixe.  The page load for the n2cms build has dropped from ~15s to ~4s from an empty cache and the first request time for a freshly recycled app pool is ~10 seconds – not a minute!

Now all I need is another week off work so I can actually get the website integration done.

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